Why Us?

At Hanczaryk Chiropractic Neurology Group we have both doctors of chiropractic and chiropractic neurologists. They both offer the same non-drug and non-invasive treatment that targets the underlying problem, not just the symptoms. To learn more about ailments we treat, read more here.

“The Hanczaryk Method lies at the core of our exceptional results. The Hanczaryk Method blends neurology, spinal biomechanics and over 48 years of combined chiropractic practice along with true Computerized Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression for those serious debilitating disc issues, stenosis and/ or radicular extremity pain.

How The Hanczaryk Method Compares

  • The proven alternative to open back surgery .
  • While most published statistics claim a success rate of approximately 65% for open back surgery, physician practice reports that the actual success rate for open spina surgery ranges from 30%-38%. The Hanczaryk Methods produce a success rate of 89.9%.
  • According to The New England Journal of Medicine, open fusion back surgery is associated with more complications than any other type of back surgery and recovery from open back surgery can take month to a year in some cases. The Hanczaryk Method is non surgical, pain free in most cases, does not limit your current activities and you are able to resume your normal daily activities in a fraction of the time compared to patients who have had open back surgery.
  • We pledge to provide the finest state of the art carte and facilities for our patients who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed yet refined ambience.
  • We strive to find the cause of the disease as well as develop an individualized treatment plan specially designed for each patient.
  • We acknowledge and recognize the innate wisdom of the body and its own recuperative powers.
  • We are a chiropractic neurology based center which is committed to improving brain and nerve function, thus improving the quality of life.
  • Our health care team strives to anticipate the unexpressed health care wishes of each patient which will provide one of a kind world class healthcare in a world class facility.